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1 hour session

7 AM to 8 AM IST

LIVE via Zoom


1 hour session

7 AM to 8 AM IST

LIVE via Zoom

Join the LIVE class for
Bootcamp starts from 23rd August - 27th August

Meet your SARVA Yogi

Basavaraj Saunshi

Basavaraj Saunshi

Basavaraj Saunshi is an award-winning yoga instructor with 9 years of teaching experience. In addition to knowing 25 unique forms, and has trained over 500+ yoga trainers. He is pursuing further education in Yoga.

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Day 1

Intense Lateral Stretches Flow

This session will help you to elongate your spine, tone your side body, give good shape to your chest and reduce chronic back issues.

Day 2

Oblique Muscles Twist Flow

This session will help you to reduce side belly fat, improve digestion and make your internal organs smoother and happier.

Day 3

Core Strengthening Flow with forward & backward flow bending

This session will help you to enhance your forwards and backward bending flexibility, reduce lower abdominal muscles, strengthen your back muscles & core strength.

Day 4

Twisting flow with deep intense stretch on lower belly fat

Detox your internal systems like kidneys, liver, small and big intestine, stomach, and pancreas. It also helps to improve your immune system, reduce excessive belly fat, strengthen your pelvic muscles and improve your sexual organs.

Day 5

Standing Rock Abs Flow

This dynamic rock abs workout will help you to reduce abdominal fat, strengthen your hips & pelvic muscles and tone your overall body.

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