in this 5 day LIVE workshop

Do you really think YOGA can’t help you lose weight? We take a 100% guarantee that you WILL, in these 5 LIVE classes.

Do you really think YOGA can’t help you lose weight? We take a <strong>100% guarantee</strong> that you WILL, in these 5 LIVE classes.
Learn yoga asanas and breathing techniques that helped 500,000 women across 97 countries lose weight and balance hormonal issues.
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4.8 / 5

5 LIVE sessions + 10 hrs of recorded content + Yoga guides curated by experts

5 Days | 60 min long session daily
Practice with Mira Kapoor’s personal instructor
100% natural and effective techniques
LIVE interactive sessions & QnA

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Here’s what Gayatri, Anita, Dimple, and Eveline have to say about their journey

Anita N

My weight always made me conscious and after practicing yoga I can I’ve finally found an effective solution not just to lose weight but to maintain it. Thank you SARVA, I highly recommend these yoga sessions to other women who have struggled just like me.

Anita N

Not just my thyroid was reduced but I even got compliments from my friends about how my body has transformed. Thanks to SARVA for making it possible for me to fit in those old jeans.

Eveline Kujur

Dimple Jain

My recurring acne and skincare issues became so much better, yoga helped me balance my inner chakras and the result showed on my face. Highly recommended solution which works from the root cause.

Dimple Jain

Are you wondering if this workshop is for you?

Let’s face it, change is hard. Women undergo so many transitions in life. This workshop helps you tread these transitions with grace and power. Uncomplicate your health journey with us.


Get rid of acne, pimple marks and do away with insta filters.

Achieve the weight loss you never thought was possible.

Improve your mental health and get better at handling pressure for studies.

Ms Yasvi
Ms Yasvi
An aspiring student

Working women

Quick yoga sessions to practice between Zoom calls.

Wake up better rested, improve spine health and posture and undo the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Quick recipes for a more wholesome diet.

Ms Swathika
Ms Swathika
A modern-day woman

Women postpartum

Reduce and tone belly fat.

Improve core strength.

Work on your mental health to keep postpartum emotional challenges at bay.

Mrs Dhiral
Mrs Dhiral
A newbie-mumma

Benefits of attending this 5-day LIVE workshop:

ACHIEVE weight loss and strengthening for a tougher core.

Balance your hormones - Yoga to better manage PCOS, Thyroid, and other genetic hormonal imbalances

Healthy spine - improved flexibility, mobility and high energy

Keep the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle and WFH at bay with yoga at your own pace, place, and convenience

Improve your mental health with simple techniques

Destress, revive & rejuvenate yourself

Get small sessions for everyday workouts - Practice yoga on the go

What else will you learn over 5 LIVE and interactive sessions with Mira Kapoor?

We have more endorsements than you can imagine.

Amrita Arora
Dr. Aditi Govitrikar
Akansha Ranjan
Sample certificate

Guess what?

We don’t let your dedication go unnoticed. Earn a certificate at the end of the workshop.

But wait... Do you know the common causes of poor health in women?

women with hands on face

Sedentary lifestyle lead to lifestyle disorders

women with hands on head

Work load and high self expectations lead to unstable mental health

belly fat

Postnatal challenges leading to postpartum depression

women with hands on head

No time to unwind leading to mood swings and exhaustion

junk food

No proper guidance on nutrition leads to deficiencies, low haemoglobin and brittle bones

Hormonal imbalance leading to PCOS flower image

Hormonal imbalance leading to PCOS and Thyroid

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Mira Kapoor’s personal tips for a healthier you

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LIVE QnA session with Mira Kapoor & Sarvesh Shashi

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What’s your takeaway from the 5-day LIVE workshop?

How to get started?

Summary of this workshop:

Interact LIVE with

Mira Kapoor

Mira Kapoor

Sarvesh Shashi

Sarvesh Shashi

5 Days, 5 forty-five min yoga sequences, and 1 Goal = A Healthier YOU

Lose up to 2kgs & get relief from hormonal imbalance in 5 days

Fun community challenges to keep you motivated throughout

Learn the perfect Yoga asanas to manage menstrual health, PCOS, and Thyroid

Scientifically proven daily 10 min yoga routines for holistic health


Symptoms of PCOS can be reduced with the regular practice of yoga and a proper diet. You are absolutely welcome to do this workshop, we know that PCOS can be a very tough condition to deal with, Allow yourself a little me time and get relief from your condition!

There are specific asanas that help to alleviate and to address back pain. We’ll cover these during the sessions. Do remember to take it easy if the pain worsens and consult a doctor before starting with this practice. We’ll help you out!

Thats a tough one! We understand your troubles. You can reduce belly fat with a proper diet and regular practice of yoga which will help balance the secretions of the hormones, hence helping you reduce belly fat with more ease.It sounds complicated, but its an accurate science based session, trust us because 500,000 other women do!

We hear you! Join the session and on the last day, we’ll give you a list of asanas you can keep doing for life!

Come one come all. We believe in inclusivity. Men can do these sessions as well but may not benefit as much as women since it’s a course designed for women. But men can definitely attend day 1, day 3, day 4, and day 5!

It is not advisable to practice yoga during your periods but there are specific asanas that you can practice during your menstrual cycles that will help ease your pain

Yes, beginners can also participate in this workshop, as the intensity of the class will be increased gradually.